Must-have stars clutches in the form of books

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 For several years, Olympia Le Tan clutches as volumes of classical literature accompany the stars at social events and red carpets. Accessory in an unusual performance like Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams and other celebrities.
 As a child, Olympia often sat up with a book in his hands in my father's library. Her father, Pierre Le Tan, known illustrator, gathered at his home a huge collection of works by different authors. They took a great interest in reading the whole family. These intelligent memories prompted the artist and designer handbags to create clutches in the form of books. The collection, entitled You Can not Judge a Book by it's Cover was released in 2010.

To date, Olympia Le Tan is not limited to books. In the new collection has all clutch, which is like a film reel film "Twilight of the Gods" Fellini, and a bag shaped like a carton of milk.

Miniature applications - drawings and inscriptions - Olympia sews independently for each clutch spending about three days. Books she chooses in the library of his father. Covers are made of wood, covered with a thin when it felt. Lining a handbag flowered chintz. Inside a small pocket for various small stuff and the words "from France with love."

Creative designer handbags Olympia strong. When dry cleaning cloth should not be affected, since it is natural. However, clutches are much more than their counterparts. Books and although more expensive, but they are unlikely to make it to $ 1,500. It was such a price is set for each separate instance of "literature." But despite this original accessories from Olympia Le Tan go out of fashion.

In New York, at the premiere of the film Natalie Portman was spotted with clutch "Lolita". Michelle William ceremony at BAFTA posed with clutch "The Misfits" by Arthur Miller. Collection Ulyana Sergeenko enriched "Anna Karenina."

Socialite Ksenia Sobchak appeared with a collection of recipes and Daphne du Maurier play The Years Between. Clemence Poesy for the premiere of her purse chose "Beauty and the Beast." Miroslava Duma A clutch-liked book "Farewell, my beauty," Raymond Chandler. Tilda Swinton poses with clutches Olympia Le Tan in the form of books, not only on the red carpet. She takes part in the campaign, which is held for the new collection of stylish accessories from Olympia.

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