How to wear men's belt

How to wear men's belt
 Anyone enjoy watching their appearance in the locker room man has a strict dress, which is an integral part of the belt. Often, this accessory does not only practical function, but also aesthetic.
 Today, the store has a wide range of men's trousers of all colors and sizes. The belt should be selected according to the size of trousers, it should be easy to fasten to the third hole. The free end of the belt must be put through the first, outermost loops of his pants.

Experts do not advise to pierce holes in the belt further, because in this case it looks messy, but very strength may be reduced. The length should be adjusted: unscrew the bolt on the buckle, cut unnecessary. For bolt need to do a new hole, and then attach the buckle back.

Pay special attention to the free end of the belt, it must be strong, not to delaminate.

A few words about the proper wearing of the belt. It should match the color of shoes. Leather shoes and belt should also be about the same. If you are using a portfolio, watch it to, belt and shoes create color unity. If your shoes have a buckle, belt buckle should be in harmony with them.

Not all men know that the color of the metal buckle should be combined with wristwatches. It is recommended, but not mandatory harmony of color belt and shirt and tie. Make sure that the belt is sitting neatly on you, not bristled, as it may look ugly when you remove the jacket.

Accessory should match the style of your way. Formal suit demands the strict belt, without frills. For everyday wardrobe can be matched with a variety of wide belts buckles. Most massive belt buckle for everyday wear should not hide under your clothes, it will look messy. Most straps style sasual approach to denim, pullovers and sweaters.

What would strap you choose, it must be in harmony with the rest of the clothes.

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