How to Tie a narrow tie

How to Tie a narrow tie
 One of the most popular tie knots - "Windsor". It is believed that he has a special success among new media. It is particularly suited to narrow neckties made of thin silk. Shirt collar for this node must have a deep neckline, a form called the "Shark".
 There are two versions of the origin of the site and its name. According to the first, the godfather of the node became King of England Edward the Eighth, who after his abdication received the title of Duke of Windsor. But is considered more plausible version of what the Duke's grandfather, Edward loved the seventh to tie a tie massive nodes. For greater effect, he used the accessories of thick fabric. Later in his memory as the name "Windsor" was transferred to the neckties of the dense fabric and other dense nodes.

The main advantage of a node in its form. He has absolutely symmetrical, reminiscent of an isosceles triangle top down. Most of the units lose "Windsor" This criterion, which makes it so popular.

Raise your collar and tie perekin'te. The wide end must be in the right hand and about 30 cm long. Place the tie seamy side up.

Double wrap the wide end narrow. Pull the wide end up.

Loop the wide end to the other side and the opposite side wrap it around the loop twice more. Get back end.

Wrap the wide end around the entire loop and slide back again. Pick it up and perekin'te through revolution.

Tighten the knot and fold the ends of the tie. Look at yourself in the mirror to make sure that the site has turned out successful.

Attach the ends of the tie to the shirt a special clip. Adjust their length to your liking. Optionally, in accordance with the fashion of the past centuries, lower accessory pants below the waist, it would seem, at least, absurd.

The first attempt may fail with the second, perhaps you can do it very slowly. However, gain experience, you'll cope quickly and even without a mirror. Over time, try to expand into other nodes tie.

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