How to choose the color of the tie

How to choose the color of the tie
 Women wear ties for several reasons. Some want to bring a bright accent to your wardrobe, others wear a tie as a symbol of leadership, or want to emphasize this masculine accessory your feminine appeal.
 Female tie is now used as a fashion accessory extraordinary, giving style and femininity of its owner. The contrast created by this man's garment, only emphasizes the tenderness. Since the tie attracts enough attention, then, firstly, other bright extravagant clothing items should be avoided, and secondly, the tie should be of high quality, of good material, such as silk, cotton, satin.

Selection of women's tie is extremely rich. Designers are constantly creating them - a variety in style and shape, width and length, color and patterns. Women ties can be self-colored, striped, polka dots, flowers and other in intricate patterns. Very stylish look ties, embroidered or patterned batik style. Youth models are often decorated with images of popular cartoon characters. Before making a choice in the store, remember your wardrobe and imagine what will combine one or the other tie.

To choose the right tie, you need to pay attention to some points:

- The color of clothing. Pick tie, combined with all the kit.
- Patterns and drawings. Plain better ties combined with patterned clothing.
- Fabric clothing - textured or smooth.
- Style - style tie should be combined with the style of clothes.

For a short military style suit tie calm monotone shades. Bolo tie and plaid shirt create provocative style of country music. If you connect the male white shirt, black straight skirt, high heels and bright red finish a tie, then get the image of sexy seductress.

If you choose a green tie, then demonstrate your sense of harmony and stability, and certainly love nature. Orange tie will fill you with energy. The owner of this accessory may be adventurous and have a great sense of humor. Red tie always attracts attention, it is a way to express your passion and sexuality, and if it is dark red tie, then the question is not necessary. Black tie is usually an expression of pain, perhaps, the man does not want the attention of others, but there is in this color something erotic. Anyone who chooses brown tie, a man works, who knows how to reach the goal quickly and easily.

As for the basic rules of color selection of ties, the need to stay on those that highlight your external data. If you have beautiful eyes, choose a tie for their color, which can shade them. If you have tanned skin, choose a tie alive shades, while pale skin is better to stay in a quiet color. Avoid skin tones, as they may have to depersonalize. And the time of year also influences the choice of color, do not wear a winter bright tie.

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