How to choose a women's fashion wallet

How to choose a women's fashion wallet
 Women's wallet - not only storage of cash, but also a fashion accessory that complements the stylish image lady. Therefore, the choice of this subject should be approached thoroughly.
 Fashion for various styles of purses allows you to stay true to the form that you feel more comfortable. Whether it's a cover with clips for bills and credit cards, a model with two-ply and a compartment for coins, elongated purse in which paper money is placed in full size, you can find your version in the current color scheme.

Most durable, beautiful and practical material for the purse is leather. In the fashion collections have items of different colors at affordable prices. You can select a plain accessory, and with a pattern.

Among monochrome products leading place in popularity is black, red and gold purse. However, this figure does not fashion trend, but rather a tradition. Black purse - a classic, while purses purple and gold color chosen by those women who want to bring good luck and increase their income. According to the system of feng shui, these colors are considered optimal for those who want to get rich.

If you want to keep up with fashion, turn your attention to the wallets of pastel colors: light purple, pale pink, white, beige, sand, pearl gray. If you opted for bright colors such as orange, mustard, too, will fall into the trend.

Texture is very popular under the skin of reptiles. Buying a purse of shiny patent leather or crocodile snake beneath you successfully complete your stylish image.

Among the drawings are welcome cartoon abstraction and landscapes. You can also pick up a purse with a print in a large pea or embroidered with birds of paradise.

Fashionable, elegant and unusual looks the product, the top of which is made in two layers. Bottom of them - gold, silver or copper color. The upper - gray, white, brown or black. The outer layer is perforated, and through the holes, which form a beautiful pattern, lurks a brilliant base.

If you love edging and decorative seams wait to make a purchase products with such elements to the season, when they will be more relevant. Exceptions are purses with piping edges of the pieces of leather of the same or a contrasting color to pitch products.

When buying a purse, keep in mind that even the most fashionable and expensive accessories will look ridiculous and out of place if the style in which it is made, contrary to your main image. And chasing trends, do not forget about your taste and personality. It is important to find a balance between the degree of following the fashion and the level of commitment to their views on it.

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