How to choose a stylish glasses

How to choose a stylish glasses
 Long gone are the days when glasses were performed only practical functions. Today, they are part of an image, make you look fashionable and stylish. It is important to choose a frame correctly - in this case the points will reflect your personality.
 To find a stylish glasses, choose only good shops. Then you will be provided with a rich choice, and you can find exactly what you need. When ordering glasses in an expensive luxury store, you certainly can be sure that they will comply with the latest fashion trends, and you will only have to choose what suits your style.

When selecting the points note the location of eyes, they should be approximately in the center of glass. Well, if the frame will follow the line of the eyebrows. Frame color should complement the eye color and skin tone. For example, if you have green eyes, dark brown frame them perfectly set off.

If you have delicate features, you should choose a frame and elegant, without rough parts. Thick, bright frame will look great on your face with a big nose or chin. To divert attention from the long nose, choose a frame with a slightly upturned edges. Small nose can visually enlarge the frame by means of light, high sitting on a bridge.

Need to pick up the rim according to the shape of the face. To round needs glasses with accentuated by straight lines, glass in which a rectangular shape. Full face can be minimized by dark frame.

If your face is stretched vertically, try to find glasses that cover most of the face, the more that they are now in vogue. This frame looks like a wide transverse line and visually reduces the length of the face.

For a person with a broad forehead and jaw need glasses is not very large in size, with smooth lines, horizontal trim. For example, a suitable frame with wide horizontal frame, these glasses now at the peak of popularity. Or try try glasses with oval lenses, with a bow on the bridge, they compensate for the high line of the mandible.

People with an oval face can choose a classic for themselves practically any options. Including one of the most popular trends - glasses in the form of "cat's eye". Most importantly, make sure that the frame was not narrower than the widest part of the face.

When choosing sunglasses, do not forget about fashion trends. Recently, designers are advised to points with a straight top frame, classic horn-rimmed or rimless do. Also in fashion eyeglasses beige, gray or white, shaded with dark glasses.

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