How to choose a bag on a figure

How to choose a bag on a figure
 Imagine a woman without her purse is almost impossible. Large and small, bright and quiet, with crystals and chains - lovely ladies handbags accompany almost every minute of life, sometimes complementing the image, and sometimes destroying it.
 Most often women choose a bag, focusing on color, to fit to most of the wardrobe. Then should be the size and purpose. Very often women try to choose a universal bag - that "in the feast, and in the world, and good people." But to work are great and strict bags, output - small and decorated with special fittings, for a picnic or a walk - big and bright. In short, each case should be your option. And ideally - the choice of bags must not only be guided by its utilitarian purpose, but also its own complexion - growth and type of figure.

Tall and slender

If you are, then you are very lucky - no restrictions in the choice of style and size bags for you there. Large, very large, medium, small, clutches, briefcases, knapsacks, funny sacks and classic handbags - they fit your needs. The only size that should be avoided - very small. Tiny handbag will make a tall woman even higher and more. And the rest - complete freedom of choice.


Girls are small and thin, so tiny "Thumbelina" need to remember about the proportions. Even if you really like the bag of large size with a large print - refrain from buying. It is tempting to fit in it and a netbook, and makeup, and a thousand female trifles - but such a bulk bag in the hands of the little girl will make it even less, and will look like a huge suitcase. Select a product medium or small size in the not very long strap that can be worn either on the shoulder or in your hand. Bag that you will wear on your shoulder should not fall below the hips, perfect - if it will be at the breast.

Doughnut with wide hips

The goal - using bags to divert attention from the hips. For this is perfect bright medium-sized bag that can be worn over the shoulder. The belt should be short, so that the bag was in the armpit area.

Magnificent bust and the figure of the "apple"

In this case you need to do the opposite - divert attention from the top with the help of a heavy bag on a long strap, messenger on a thick belt or bag trapezoidal shape that can be worn in your hand. Miniature handbags, which are worn under the arm, are contraindicated.


If you go to the gym and have a muscular type of shape - refrain from bags rectangular with sharp corners. Prefer puffy bags, with soft rounded lines, adorned with embroidery or rhinestones on the straps and buckles. Also you fit backpacks and bags, barrels.

Round and volumetric figure

Women who are going to lose weight, but so far have not done so can not wear small clutches and handbags that fit in your hand. Wear a broad shoulder bags, bright knapsacks, which is worn on the hand, models with bright prints, original design, comfortable and functional.

The bag should be not only comfortable and beautiful, but also complement your figure, to hide her flaws and emphasize the advantages.

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