Choosing a wedding hats

Choosing a wedding hats
 Wedding hat - it's a great stylish wedding accessories. With it, the bride looks elegant, refined and elegant. However hat - a very tricky thing. Is not for everyone and it should pick up very carefully, otherwise you can just hopeless ruin the image.

To cap is a perfect touch to the whole image of the bride, you need to properly select. To start looking at the bride's height and build. High girls are perfect flat and wide hats, but the ladies low - high. But do not forget about the thinness / completeness of the bride. Donuts have to settle for modest, not flashy hats to due headdress she became even more fully.

Also the choice of wedding hats should influence and age of the bride. If the bride - the woman is already "30", then on her hat should not be any decorative elements - flowers, feathers, stones. Otherwise, it runs the risk of being branded with a special bad taste, even despite the fact that she was a bride.

Even when buying hats you need to pay attention to the type of person. Suitable for a wide face headdress, which fields a little bent, which visually lengthens the face. And for slim brides with long face needs a hat with a wide brim, but with a flat crown.

Very original look of the cap-tablets. Ever since the Jacqueline Kennedy omen they became icons of style. To turn such a hat in a wedding, you can add a small veil. So there was still a veil and replacement. A view of the bride thrown sneak out from under the veil, will excite the imagination of all those present at the ceremony.

Of course, the prerequisite for the choice of the cap should be its total compatibility with all the clothes. Ideally, if the cap will be the same decorative elements that dress. And the fabric and color of the more simply must be in harmony with all the clothes.

It is important to take into account the model of the cap. Stylists in a voice say, in any case not to wear a hat with fluffy dress. This headdress is ideal for such clothing as short tight dresses, pantsuits, as well as wedding suit with a short skirt. And it is quite a good wedding hat will be combined with a dress in the style of "mermaid".

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