Choosing a wedding carriage

Choosing a wedding carriage
 Modern newlyweds like competing with each other in the extent of weddings. Fantasia some couples simply amazing. Opportunity to carry out these fantasies affects no less. Weddings are held in the open air, in museums and even in the palaces. To a place of celebration Suite bring in luxury limousines, luxury car or even a coach.  

The choice of coach, first of all, depends on the time of year when it will be used. If the wedding is scheduled for the winter, it is better to choose a closed carriage, where the seats are heated, and the interior of the carriage trimmed with any material (most often it is velvet). Upholstery color can also be selected individually.

Summer will be most comfortable in an open carriage - convertible soft-top convertible. This coach will look particularly impressive, if not harness a horse, but a whole three.

If the horse drawn carriage ride is scheduled for night or twilight, choose a carriage with lighting in the cabin.

If the coach will accommodate not only the bride and groom, but also witnesses, you should opt for a four-seater coach.

Some newlyweds are ready to go to any expense in the desire to impress others. For such pairs exist coach class VIP. This carriage, tailor-made for industries that make the coach for the English royal court. These coaches provide valuable species of trees, and the interior trim in natural leather. If you wish, you can add to the carriage of the coachman, and a page in historical costumes. This process looks very impressive.

Wedding coach - is extraordinarily elegant solution, emphasizing the taste of the newlyweds. It is also a tribute to the ancient traditions, because it is considered that the ringing of bells and the sound of horses' hooves on pavement brings young happiness and good fortune.

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