Choosing a bag-postman

Choosing a bag-postman
 The name "bag-postman" immediately determines the appearance of accessory - a rectangular bag with pockets and shoulder strap. Seemingly no room for imagination. But in fact, with different models of such bags can create multiple images for different occasions.
 If you prefer a sporty style or casual, choose not very catchy bag-postman simple form. It should be square, with a zipper on the top edge, no pockets outside. It is desirable that the bag was monotonous. To look harmonious, wear it with jeans, sneakers, sweaters, sweatshirts. If you have long hair, collect them in a high ponytail.

Suitable bag-postman and romantic girl. Oddly enough, this thing can combine uncluttered with the dress. Put a light dress with flared skirt, ballet flats or sandals platform. Pick a bag of rectangular shape, with lid overlapping and metal clasp. The bag should be fabric, bright colors or floral print over the entire surface.

Perfect model "postman" to create a retro image. Collect a set of light chiffon or silk blouses, pants, shorts, or bananas with a high waist. Add a bag of classic chestnut color. It is important to choose the right shade too dark brown will look very official and heavy as portfolio diplomat. On the front side of the bag should be two patch pockets with covers lap. Top on him should receive short straps with metal clasps. And the bag material can be artificially aged and clasps - are covered with a patina.

Looks great bag postman with a summer dress in a nautical theme. Wear dark blue or dark brown shorts and a loose T-shirt with stripes. During the cooler it is possible to replace the vest. Put into the hands of a few wooden bracelets dark coffee and blue. Over the shoulder bag-postman perekin'te saturated shades of indigo, no pockets on the outside part.

Finally, you can use a bag with a suit in a business style. That the image does not look too bland, try to refresh. Wear light-colored pants suit. Make it a short handle (not strap!) Bag in which the foundation fabric, and pockets and flap - leather or leatherette. Color bags must be in the same range with the suit, but a little darker.

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