Choose sunglasses

Choose sunglasses
 With the onset of warm, sunny days, you must take care of the health of the eye. Modern sunglasses are not only a stylish accessory but also a full protection from the negative effects of UV rays.
 Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause diseases such as retinal damage, corneal burn, cataract, which can lead to the development of cataracts. A constant exposure to sunlight active helps reduce eye view. Furthermore eyes from the sun and gentle skin suffers century, when the pupil is narrowed from bright light, a man unwittingly begins to blink, and this leads to the emergence of a large number of wrinkles, which is almost impossible to get rid of.

Up to 50-ies glasses were required attribute the US Air Force pilots who served thriving to this day the company Baussh & Lomb. First points for everyday wear civilian population took the form of "The Aviator", because were identical to the prototype. This frame is suitable for almost anyone with any form and characteristics of the person, that's why sunglasses aviators are relevant to this day.

At present, the range of sunglasses is great, but knowing some of the features of all varieties represented in the stores, you can choose the most reliable and high quality.

Numerous shopping malls and street stalls you can buy beautiful glasses for little money. You have to understand that they will not protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, as their darkened lens and not merely have a filter. In addition, when you wear these glasses, the pupil expands and becomes stronger even more vulnerable. So you should buy sunglasses in specialized stores.

Today we can find glasses like plastic and glass lenses. Plastic - have a lower cost, less prone to cracking and chipping, almost no mist, but the improper storage of surface gets scratched easily. Glass lenses are more durable, but fall on the concrete floor, likely damage can not be avoided, in addition lenses are fogged by weight, and they are much larger than the plastic.

Conscientious manufacturer specifies the protection lenses on the label points, and often duplicate the information on the bow. If you specify the word Cosmetic, these glasses do not protect from the sun, and are just an accessory, General Purpose means that the glasses are suitable for the middle band, High Protection designed for a longer stay in the bright sun.

In addition to these marks on the bow can be inscription UV Filter100%, these glasses will safeguard your eyes from the harmful rays. On quality sunglasses can be written Blocks at least 95% UVB and 70% UVA, should be read as "lenses block at least 95% of ultraviolet rays of group B and 70% of the beam group A».

Lens color is also important for the body. Ophthalmologists are advised to choose sunglasses with lenses dark gray, dark green, brown. They filter out harmful rays more than others, and do not distort color perception. For example, a blue lens results in damage because in the shade of the pupil expands greatly. A red and pink lenses, firstly, greatly alter the color scheme of the world, and secondly, a negative impact on the psyche, and the person may even lose orientation in space! Yellow glass enhance contrast, they are suitable for the dim sun.

There polarized lenses, they block the intensity of the reflected light from surfaces: asphalt, water, snow. Therefore, they are recommended for people with photophobia, after operations on the eyes, as well as for drivers, athletes and travelers.

It is worth remembering that the eyes - a very vulnerable organ, so do not skimp on it. Good Points are branded, high-quality lenses, they will last more than one season. Their price starts from $ 80-100, and is a small fee for the health of the eye and eyelid skin.

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