50 of the most original and unusual bags

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 Any modern woman is very difficult to imagine without a handbag. But this female accessory is not only an integral part of a lady's image, but also a means of expression of designers around the world. Classic Home Bags - is not the only version of this accessory.

Handbags can be so original, that at first glance it is difficult to determine whether a bag is in principle. The singularity of this accessory can be expressed in various forms: color, shape, texture, material, etc. Playing with color really can turn a boring accessory into something new. And if you ever considered just the original color and bright handbags, now this is no surprise.

- Bag depicting a map immediately will give an avid traveler.
- Lover flowing lines can buy a bag globe. With it, you can easily tighten their knowledge of geography.
- Prove that the Rubik's Cube - is not only a toy puzzle, but also suitable for the storage of your belongings.
- Periodic Table on the women's purse - this is unusual, and helpful.
- Not necessarily a fan of glossy magazines wearing them in a bag, they may be on it.
- I love to draw? Then the bag with the image of the palette for you.
- Favorite Books can not only serve as an ornament home library, it is centrally located and cover on your purse and hint around about literary preferences mistress.
- The bag can be a great subframe for reproduction paintings impressionist painter.
- Reviewing your favorite images from movies is possible without the help of the TV - just wear them on the bag.
- Patriotically-minded ladies designers offer bags with symbols of your favorite country with all my heart.

But the color - not the most important thing. No less important in this matter and form. What is the most common form of female handbag? It is a rectangular or trapetsiobraznoe product in the "most original" version - close to the circle. Forget it, the designers went for such a long time frame.

Handbag in the form of:
- Dominoes;
- Bra;
- Boots;
- Telephone;
- Video;
- A piece of cake;
- Dice;
- Books;
- Underwear;
- A sock;
- Bottles;
- Gun;
- A soccer ball;
- Phonograph record;
- Keyboard;
- Nesting dolls;
- Heart.

This is a partial list of what can be classified as unusual shapes. By the way, are very popular bags in the form of pets and exotic animals. Designers have tried to convey so naturalistic that at first sight can not be distinguished "fake fur" from this small animals.

But not on the mere form holds pillar of originality, because definitely plays an important role and the material of the bag can be made.

A variety of materials are full of all sorts. Popularity genuine leather nobody questioned, but the arena goes, and many other materials from suede and fur to a variety of tissues and plastic. Modern designer handbags can very easily be a hybrid of leather, plastic inserts and fur handles.

Against other bags stand transparent specimens. Of course, the contents of these bags do not hide from prying eyes, but in the case of bags from Prada, absolutely transparent, lying inside the gun instantly scare away intruder. Although the weapon inside the present, provided design, use it will not work - it is soldered at all. But an attacker to know and do not.

Of course, no color, no shape, no material does not play a decisive role. Once all these factors together can hit a woman original handbag. And out of all this diversity is not something that hits 50 most original and unusual bags will not be able to make, and a couple of hundred seats will be enough.

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