We select the perfume as a lover

We select the perfume as a lover
 That smells like a woman largely determines its success in front of men. Of course, if a woman smells the smell of sweat, then deal with it do not want to not like men but also women. Therefore, various deodorants and perfumes are used to attract attention, arouse desire to come closer, inhale the scent of perfume unknown and maybe even turn a head. There is no universal fragrance that is suitable for everybody, so you should choose a perfume as thoroughly as, say, a lover. It is an expression by the famous perfumer - Roger Dov.

The choice of spirits is always accompanied by a certain mood and occasion. There are scents that are designed for everyday use. They are unobtrusive aromas are classified as classic. Apply these spirits can be morning or afternoon. Often, it is composed of floral arrangements, they are soft and do not distract during the day. In the evening, on the contrary, it is necessary to use a more languid and sweet flavors, they are not only the appetite in terms of food, but also the desire to get closer to you even closer, to touch the neck, ears. In short, sweet fragrances can cause a surge of sexual energy, they seduce and tease smell of who is currently near you. If such scented perfume in the morning, then almost certainly you have, and those who will be next, will begin to feel dizzy, you become distracted from work by switching to perfume. Because they should take the evening, applying for a romantic minutes with a loved one. 

When choosing a perfume so it is worth to rely on the time of year. In the summer I want to feel freshness and lightness, so the spirits with citrus notes are preferred the most. Autumn - time gray and cool days and in this time I want to make a bit of sun and joy in your life, for that perfect perfume with musk, amber, floral notes. In winter, many people prefer to wear fur and that flavor is not lost for the multi-layered clothing using warm, woody aromas. With the onset of spring bloom not only flowers, but also beautiful women, from which the smell of jasmine, violet, lily of the valley, lilac and bergamot.

Ideally, every woman should be from three to five flavors. Three vials, as you might guess in the morning, afternoon and evening. You can have a couple more for special occasions, diversity or just for yourself. If you go for a new bottle of perfume should not be throttled in advance at home. Otherwise you will not be able to fully evaluate the proposed flavors you. Do not rush to switch their attention to several odors, wait until the flavor "revealed" on your skin. First minute of smell is the strongest, he may not even like you once, but it's worth it to wait, perfume mixed with the smell of your skin, and you will appreciate the selected perfume appreciated. But that's not all, because after an hour perfume will replace the third stage, which will accompany you for another five - six hours.

Visiting a perfume shop, take your time with a choice, not iterate over more than three fragrances should relax and calm down, be in a good mood and disposition. Remember that high-quality perfume can be very cheap. Doubt when choosing - ask the assistance of a consultant, experience and knowledge of all the existing flavors will help to quickly find those spirits that will suit you best. Be different and unique, you can always, we need only to choose for themselves a few magical fragrances.

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