Tie: a stylish accessory for women

Tie: a stylish accessory for women
 Modern fashion more items of men's wardrobe gives to the use of the fair sex. Trousers, jackets long and has consistently ranked in closets fashionistas of all ages and body type. Not spared this trend and such an integral parts of the male costume, like a tie.
 Increasingly famous designers use a tie, creating an elegant set of business women's clothing. Female tie, often looks like a straight or slightly extended at the bottom of satin or silk stripe. Strip and zigzags are not typical for women's tie. But the colors may be very diverse. From low-key pastel shades to bright colors causing characteristic of youth fashion.

For women the right to wear a tie do not have strict regulation, it is free to treat him as you wish, building their image. Ties are as a trouser or skirt suits with. Women tied tie with a jacket cut blouses, it can be worn under or knitted fabric vest, you can wear a tie, as a kind of scarf, you can even turn it into a kind of belt, belt loops sell it in fashionable trousers. The length of the female tie may also vary. Long or short it is - solves the woman herself.

Node, which tie a tie women different from men, it is called "La Valliere." It is considered that it came up with mistress of Louis XIII, Louise de la Valliere, who was the first woman of fashion of his time.

Desirably, the tie color contrasting with the color of clothing. For example, dark blue for light shirts or bright red to dark.

By the way, tie for the woman does not have to be made only from the tissue. Very popular today enjoys beaded tie. Woven beads, and a variety of tones and shades, it turns into a kind of decoration, supplementing outfit women and giving it a touch of frivolity and freedom.

Thus, tie a woman becomes the leading accessory to complete the iconic image. Image of a bold modern and stylish "Amazons", sensual and discreet at the same time, which is not afraid to attract the attention of the opposite sex, be bright and bold, knowing his worth!

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