The point is hat: a hat with earflaps

The point is hat: a hat with earflaps
 Cap with ear-flaps - one of the practical and stylish accessories last winter seasons. Initially, this headdress was purely a male prerogative. However, times have changed and these days with a light supply designers, there are many options for women ushanok. From the diversity of the models simply dazzles in his eyes.
 This hat is exactly what its name. It has a kind of "ears" that are usually raised and fixed at the top. This design is more than fulfilling one of its main functions - warming.

Times when the cap with ear-flaps associated exclusively with the Russian people and severe winters have passed. Fashion trends of recent years has successfully destroyed such stereotypes. And not the last role in this played a wild imagination of designers. Previously, such a cap is made only of fur. Now it can be made of leather, knitwear, drape, wool, velvet and even silk! In this case, the current models are decorated with earflaps almost every possible way - they present and applique and patch diverse elements, and a combination of materials.

Edging artificial or natural fur gives this hat charm and femininity, playful straps or pompoms at the ends of the tabs will bring the image of playfulness and sparkling rhinestones - glamor. About the color variety of headgear even say no. After appearing on the catwalk ushanok in acid shades became clear that this model allowed everything.

Due to this diversity hat with earflaps can be successfully combined with many different sets of clothes. In addition to such stylistic versatility, this headdress is still quite practical that only benefit the Russian women of fashion with its harsh winters.

Upon successful combination with other clothing, ear flaps has all chances to become a part of your unique style. It should be noted immediately that it is not as versatile accessory. Even the most daring fashionista should take into account some of the nuances before hoist it on his head. In particular this applies to undersized women who should be approached with extreme caution to her choice. They'd better not wear bulky earflaps, as they make the figure more squat, especially when full.

With a fur hat with earflaps looks perfect coats. With coats it will just blend in. By this outerwear should choose a more restrained cap, for example, or woolen knitwear. Knitting patterns can be combined not only with a coat, but also with light cloak. If we talk about shoes, the fur hat to the most suitable ugg boots. Models of knitwear and heavy fabrics combines with virtually any flat shoes. Agree, fur cap and studs - incongruous things. However, if you're a fan of outrageous, then boldly combine these things in one ensemble.

Madonna, Alexandra Richards, Lily Allen - these Hollywood celebrities have already appreciated all the charm of caps-ushanok. Now it's your time to include in your wardrobe so practical and fashionable headwear.

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