The history and development of perfumes

The history and development of perfumes
 In our time on the shelves you can find a large selection of perfumes of different flavors, quality and price category. But have you ever thought about the history and development of perfumes?

Perfumes appeared and began to develop actively for many centuries before our era. There are many versions, when and where it originated. Most historians believe that its origin takes perfumes in Arabia, Mesopotamia and Egypt. People had already begun to preserve the fragrance of flowers in water, oil. Use these odors in various ritual and magical rites, they tried to introduce in cosmetology, painting.

First mention of the development of perfumes on an industrial scale have appeared in ancient Egypt. It was the Egyptians in the time interval, the first was able to learn the secrets of making fine fragrances. Invaluable contribution to the development of perfumes made Cleopatra. She wanted to reside in the atmosphere of exciting flavors and she was able to make some of them. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that neglect their body odor can only slaves. In ancient Greece often used oil-based perfume with the scent of flowers and herbs. Very popular was a wild rose fragrance. Cooking spices often done by women, in those days they thought the sorceress.

In China, the aromatic oils used since ancient times. Chinese favorite smell is musk and ginger. They are valued not only for a pleasant aroma, but also for the fact that, on giving Chinese, they heal all diseases.

It is believed that the perfumes of the day began with the creation of "Cologne Water" in the XVIII century. Its members came syrup grapes, oil of bergamot, lavender, rosemary, chamomile and neroli. The author of the discovery was an Italian barber Gian Paolo Feminis. Thanks to the success of Organic Chemistry, the end of XX century, it became possible to produce aromatic substances chemically on an industrial scale, which gave a big push to expand the palette of perfumers in the world. Began to appear more and more fragrant oils with original and unique flavors. Perfumers around the world are now able to create exactly the flavors that have not previously received. And there was a perfumer profession that does not cease to be relevant and useful in our time.

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