Several ways to tie a scarf is beautiful

Several ways to tie a scarf is beautiful
 Beautiful tying scarf gives the image a unique style and personality. Also scarf is an accessory, with which you can diversify and make a new kind of bored with things.

Of course, the old idea of ​​the scarves are not the same as a modern take on a stylish accessory as earlier it was customary to wear a scarf for warmth and as a remedy for colds. At the moment, scarves and shawls - an element of the image, which is appropriate at any time of the year. But for decoration image, you must learn how to tie it. There are many different ways of tying, which are divided according to the degree of difficulty and execution.

The simplest and most affordable way of tying the scarf is not too tight knot in the middle. When this node would front, and its position can be adjusted depending on the magnitude. For attractive appearance is necessary to straighten the edges scarf.

Improvisation necktie knot is ideal for lovers of formal suits and business style. To do this, tie a knot and is weak through the center to reach the other end of the scarf. The height of the unit depends on the taste of the person and the chosen attire.

Elementary folding in half and throwing by a scarf around his neck for urgent processing of the image, since it requires only stretch the ends through the loop.

Also the best option for a more romantic image is tying a scarf in the form of a bow in the middle or on the side of the neck. To do this, tie a bow and straighten the edges of the petals and scarf accessory that looked nice and tidy.

Of course, it is advisable to choose the color of the scarf in contrast with the color of the dress so that it does not compete, and drew attention of people around. It is also recommended to blend it with other elements of the image (eg, handbag, shoes, belt). In this case, even the dull and gloomy dress (or suit) will be elegant and stylish.

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