Perfume or eau de toilette?

Perfume or eau de toilette?
 Perfumes has an aesthetic purpose and hygienic. The first definition include perfumes and air fresheners, the second - a variety of disinfectants and refresh the skin, colognes, toilet waters. Let's find out more in detail, what is the difference between them?

Perfume - Fragrances is designed for evening receptions. Enough, as a rule, only a few drops applied to the pulse of: on the neck, on the whiskey on the crook of his arm and elbow, below the knees. Spirits are alcoholic or aqueous alcoholic solutions of mixtures of odoriferous substances having persistent smell. These, depending on the variety and infusions contain different amounts of aromatic substances (5 to 50%). If the content of aromatic substances in excess of 20%, these spirits are called concentrated. Fortress ethanol, which is also called wine ranges in this kind of perfume from 60 to 96%.

You must know that floral perfume with the same name but by different perfumers have different colors and smell differently. Explain these differences can be individually perfumer: what his attitude to a particular smell, taste and any personal preferences. Spirits can be dry or npohladnymi, quiet or temperamental, soft, lyrical, bright, sad, sentimental, and so on. D. It all depends on the personality and mood of the perfumer who created the product.

Toilet water is used mainly in the morning when going to work. For the weekend, it is also ideal. When interacting only with clothes, toilet water should not fall on the skin. In essence, it is a water-alcohol mixture solution of odoriferous substances having an alcohol concentration of from 59 to 68%. Fragrances make it just 1-1, 5%.

Eau de parfum, in contrast to the toilet, designed specifically for business women. It will not irritate surrounding its pungent odor, but is more resistant than the toilet. The concentration of aromatic substances capable of holding a smell about 5 hours, so you can enjoy the fragrance of water twice a day. You must know that water can be applied in small amounts on skin or clothing, but do not irrigate her fur, silk and pearls.

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