Knotted silk handkerchief harness

Knotted silk handkerchief harness
 Silk scarves are very popular for several decades, especially among women. They help add a touch of romance and elegance to your image. Great demand silk scarves square shape measuring 90 × 90 cm. Beautiful silk scarf adds to your image of femininity and charm. Very nice look scarves tied in various ways that add flavor to your outfit.

Tourniquet. Looks great with absolutely any neckline. But if your jacket has a high collar, tie a handkerchief better in another way. And so, to make tow, take a silk scarf in two opposite corners and sides alternately fold toward the center. You will have a strip of 5 cm. Once this step is called "handkerchief folded along its axis." Pick and place scarf around the neck, leaving one end hanging down, a little longer than the other. Take the end of which is shorter swipe before the end, which is longer and lower it into a loop around his neck. Starting from the center to the back of the head, wrap the two ends of the turns in the same direction around the handkerchief. Then hide protruding ends and make sure that the scarf formed a neat circle.

French knot. This option is the same great looks with different necklines. Unit should be positioned in the center, if you're going to wear a jacket with a collar. And so, take his handkerchief and fold, as well as in the embodiment of the wiring along its axis. Wrap the scarf around your neck, pre-cross over the two ends of the back and pulling them in advance. Now align the ends under the chin and in the center tie a simple knot. Slide the handkerchief from the center, a little to one side. Next, tie a double knot and correct tips.

Slipknot. Fantastic look with V-neck and blouses with collars. Again, fold your scarf along the axis, as in previous versions. Then place it around your neck to one end was longer than the other, crossing them by wrapping the long end around short. Once again perekin'te long tip, around what is shorter. End of which is longer stretch in the loop between the collar and the handkerchief from the bottom up. Hold your fingers node then pass the tip of a long shawl in a loop, placing the knot in the middle, stronger pull the long end down. Loosen or tighten your silk scarf.

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