How to wear a long scarf

How to wear a long scarf
 This accessory is able to transform a simple outfit into something original. Average scarf, depending on the manner in which he tied, can greatly change the look of the costume. It all depends on what kind of image you want to create.
 Naughty girl - with jeans and a turtleneck would look perfectly bright wool scarf large knitting. Just wrap it loosely around your neck with the ends hanging forward. You can casually leave one behind.

Stylish sofa - stole from fine cashmere gently fold the wiring, put the ends back, then perekin'te them forward and gently tie, shifting unit sideways.

English lady - for that image is more suitable scarf or stole from soft tissue. Tie it so that the ends are of different lengths and longer put on the opposite shoulder. Try to keep the scarf lying in neat waves.

Tropikanka - scarf made of thin transparent material (a good idea to look if he would have fringe) nabroste shoulders over frank top. This option not only complement your look, but also protects the skin from the scorching rays of the sun on a hot afternoon.

French coquette - thin silk stole wrap around the neck like a necklace, and let the ends fall freely from the shoulders. Best of all, if the picture on it will be big, not flashy bright colors. To him is perfect unpretentious dress fitting shape.

Russian beauty - take a scarf, throw with it on the head, the ends of the same crisscross and slide back. In cool weather, this option is a good alternative to the cap, but unlike her retain her hair in order.

Siberian - thick knitted scarf dress ends back, then perekin'te them forward and tie one knot. Straighten the edges.

Gypsy - scarf can be worn not only on the neck. Colorful accessory tied to the top of the hip flared long skirt, will help to create a bold unforgettable image.

Do not forget, of course, that the scarves look great in combination with the upper clothing. The same colorful knitted scarf on a uniform coat will create a bright mood in gloomy autumn day. Stole quiet tones dressed Draped give antique shade your way. Simple jacket can be turned into a stylish piece of clothing using a coarse cloth wraps, rolled into a bundle and laid on his shoulders.

In fact, accessories are limitless scope for creativity. They can be one and the same costume change radically. Ordinary scarf can be used in a huge number of options, it all depends on your imagination.

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