How to wear a hat

How to wear a hat
 Fashion does not stand still, constantly emerging models of suits, dresses, sportswear. This also applies to hats: designers offer various forms of hats, caps. And when there are new models, consumers do not always know how to properly put on and wear.
 Models hats, resembling the shape of hats with earflaps can be worn, dismissing the "ears". If you allow the growth, you can wear a hat with any piece of outerwear: jackets, coats, etc. There is another option of wearing such hats: wrap your ears around the neck. This will not only stylish, but also warm. Then replace the cap scarf. This option is ideal for clothes in sporty style. With a cap with earflaps blends hairstyle with loose long hair. It is desirable that the length of the hair was at least a little below the shoulders.

Surely you've seen in the surrounding caps, similar to the stocking. These hats are more suitable for children and youth. But if you're cheerful and mischievous man, this cap is suitable to you. Wear it needs, lowered the free end of the cap to the side or back. You can also bomber accordion on his forehead. A very original way of wearing a hat will be tying it into a knot. Such a style perfect sports pants, sweaters, pullovers. However, do not overdo it, so that your style does not become too sporty. You can choose to such a fun skirt.

Knitted hats girls wear better, let out a bang. If you do not have bangs, then release forward a few strands of hair. They can be straight, or you can curl them.

In all variety of hats there look as jockey hat. If you have long hair, plait them into a braid and perekin'te over his shoulder.

Under the retro hat perfect hair style 70's. Create a styling mousse and help round brush.

Many girls love the hat-fedora. This is a fairly strict kind of headdress, and he calls for a soft and feminine hairstyles. It is advisable to cooperate for the hair gently around his face, then a hat-Fedor will look particularly impressive.

Today, the vast majority of girls do not wear hats, so as not to spoil the hair. Remember, however, that the absence of a headdress in the presence of wind and cold causes your hair much more damage.

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