How to distinguish the original from the fake handbags

How to distinguish the original from the fake handbags
 Fashion bags on changing every year. 2012 will be a novelty clutches having a small knob, and leather shoulder bags. Remain fashionable bags leatherette colors reptiles.
 When buying branded products is not necessary to use the "suspicious" stores in kiosks, the subway or in the markets. Quality thing can be distinguished immediately. Leather bags on such soft, without any roughness. Accessories firmly attached, no curves seams, traces of glue and sticking threads.

When you purchase a branded bags can require a certificate of quality, sellers are required to provide it.

Most of the original bag has 2 code: internal and product code. When buying, check their availability.

To determine the quality of the skin, from which the bag is made, you need to mash her hand. If the product is sewn from imitation leather, it will be deformed, and real leather quickly acquires its original appearance.

The easiest way to identify counterfeit on accessories. Some brands produce products with fittings made entirely of gold or palladium.

Before going to the store for purchase should collect information on the brand of interest, then buy the original product will be easier. Many manufacturers produce bags of definite proportions and the weight is constant. For example, the height of one of the known brands which weight 1100 g should be 35 cm. Knowing such proportions, it is difficult to get a fake.

You can determine the quality of the bag and stitch that she sewed - sewn under brand product in the "Christmas tree" rather than straight lines.

Many branded bags have a lifetime warranty. If the seller refuses to such warranty period, it is possible that it is a fake.

Consideration should be inside the bag, since wrong side of things can "say" about the origin of the goods. Brand thing can not be cheap, so buy it should be in retail stores.

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