How to distinguish between real clock

How to distinguish between real clock
 Wristwatches luxury brands are frequent targets of counterfeiting. Do not confuse these with fake Swiss watches simple buyer is difficult. However, knowing the number of characteristic features of luxury watches, it is easy to distinguish the fake from the original.
 Forge usually expensive Swiss watches worth more than 20 thousand rubles. If you buy in the store, cheap watches made in Switzerland, you can not be afraid for their authenticity. However, be careful when buying such models with the hands or on the market. It's best to abandon the acquisition of hours in this way, because the risk to buy a fake is extremely large.

All counterfeit luxury watch brands can be divided into three groups: superficial, good and accurate. The cost of the surface of copies is seldom more than 500 rubles, and they are usually sold in stalls or stalls. Distinguish these from the original watch is very easy: the naked eye visible substandard materials, rough version, missing or vague labeling.

Good copies of Swiss watches can be sold in stores time together with models of other brands. Their cost ranges from 1,000 to 5,000 rubles. These watches need to consider carefully before buying. Check the quality of the materials and how tightly fitted to each other body parts. Experience the smooth running wheel and arrows. Refer to the documentation for the goods, pay special attention to the manufacturer's warranty. If you were satisfied with the pretest, you can buy a cheap brand Swiss watches. Remember that buying a luxury Swiss watches cheaper than $ 500 is almost impossible, even at a pawn shop.

Exact copies of Swiss watches can often be seen in the range of online shops. Their cost ranges from 5,000 to 15,000 rubles. These models are likely to be a quality product, because they are made of good materials. To distinguish these from the original clock is not easy even for an expert. Sometimes fake can be determined by comparing it with a genuine Swiss model. Unfortunately, this method is rarely available a simple buyer. Sometimes it is possible to identify a fake by the absence mikrogravirovki of the manufacturer. For example, the clock company Rolex, produced since 2002, under the number 6 is engraved crown. If you still have difficulty with determining the authenticity of hours, you can use the services of a professional appraiser.

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