How to distinguish a fake bags

How to distinguish a fake bags
 If you decide to get a bag of famous and well-known brands, of course, have to be absolutely sure of its authenticity. There are some important details that will help you choose a real branded accessories.  
 First of all, do not even try to buy a handbag with a worldwide reputation in the stores, located in markets or underpasses. After all, its value is not available for every buyer, so there is no reason to keep such an expensive thing in small retail outlets. Buy this original Women's Accessories can only be prestigious and retail stores. But as you know, every rule has its exception, and to finally make it a genuine product or not, ask the seller to show you the certificate of quality.

In addition, the quality thing can be seen with the naked eye, so "Baby" buy, do not rush to get the purse. First take your favorite handbag in hand, to touch and inspect the skin - it should be soft, smooth, without roughness and scratches. By the way, fake leather in compression will remain deformed and real quickly restore the previous form.

No less carefully review the hardware, check how firmly it is held in the mounts, the material from which made locks, handles, etc., whether the drawing is joined on the details. Open the bag and inspect it from the inside - in the original can not be carelessly executed details such as curves seams, protruding threads, adhesive residues, etc. Also pay attention to what the stitches sewn bag - herringbone (true) or straight lines (fake).

A significant part of the branded product has an internal code and product code, make sure that your chosen bag can "boast" is two codes. And yet - if its corporate logo only consists of the first letters of the "name" of the manufacturer, and is not fully specified, it is also an occasion to reflect on the authenticity of the product.

And finally, one more piece of advice: before you stop for a particular product, do not take the trouble to go to the official website of the manufacturer and a good look at the bag you liked the photos. And also analyze the cost model, it should not be very different from the price of the manufacturer, and explore brand names - each brand has its own distinctive features, unique logo, recognizable design, etc.

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