How to choose hair accessories

How to choose hair accessories
 Hair accessories can complement your holiday or regular way everyday costume. To decoration looked appropriate, choose it according to the style of clothing and activities that are going on.
 Accessory that buy the girls in childhood - the rim. However, it can become an ornament and for adult women. This versatile piece of jewelry that suit owners of short and long hair looks appropriate for holidays and weekdays, combined with dresses in various styles. If you made an unusual hairstyle or put on a bright original clothes, it is worth to complement the image of a simple concise rim. It is better if it is monotonous - its color should be combined with the colors of costume, but not to repeat verbatim one of the shades. If this option seems boring to you, choose a double rim - it still does not look too flashy, but at the same time more than usual, attracts attention.

On holidays will be appropriate brighter rim. You can select accessories decorated with sequins, stones, upholstered with print or embroidery. It is interesting to look rims, contrasting with the dress. For example, a girl in a light bright dress suit leather rim, decorated with metal elements. To look harmonious combination, enough to throw on the shoulders of black leather jackets, leather jacket.

Arranged in a pony or short hair, you can decorate pins. Graceful patterns with ornate patterns complement the sophisticated romantic image. If you are going for a ceremony, such barrette can be decorated with semi-precious or precious stones. It is important to ensure that the color matches the color of the metal clips other jewelry - necklaces, rings, bracelets. Instead of one large clip, you can choose several small studs, crowned bead or rhinestones.

For each day pick up a few simple pins of different colors simple geometric shapes. Also for everyday wear (as well as for holidays) fit pins in the shape of flowers. On a better day to pick up small, in light pastel colors, and in the evening you can wear accessory bigger and brighter.

Periodically back into fashion fabric bandages. They are particularly interesting look with dresses in a bohemian style. Choose accessories such need to be very careful. After all, clothes in a style in itself is very bright, combining different patterns and textures. In order not to miscalculate with coloring bands, select the monotonous, repetitive color of one of the elements of the costume.

For special occasions, you can buy the most extravagant accessories. If you are preparing to march on a reception opening of the exhibition, festival, get a little hat-tablet with a veil or a hairpin. The smaller barrette or a hat, the better - otherwise ornament will look too flashy and theatrical. Another no less pretentious accessory - a tiara. It can not afford the bride, if the wedding is planned very lush and solemn. In other cases, this accessory will be irrelevant.

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