How to choose a tie

How to choose a tie
 If the tie is not combined with a suit, it certainly ruin your appearance and give a reason others think that you have a bad taste. It would seem that the choice of tie-wise there is nothing and there is no need to know certain rules and accepted installation. However, if you care to tie stressed your personality and long served you, it is desirable to know how to choose the accessory.

Pay attention to the material of the tie. Good ties sewn only from natural materials. Verify whether used for tailoring your tie handmade. To do this, consider, how many of the parts it is made. If your sewing tie used three pieces of cloth, fabric sewn diagonally seams can not be felt, and at the wide end of the tie behind the present loop from the same fabric for securing the narrow end is a sign of good taste. Lining the perfect product is made of 100% wool, through which the tie does not lose its original shape.

Remember that the correct tie knotted in the form of its wide end should close the buckle on the strap. Pick a tie, focusing on the width of the lapels of your jacket. The wide end of the tie should be equal to them. Do not let the same pattern in the tie and handkerchief in the breast pocket.

Choosing a tie, consider its compliance with the jacket and shirt in color and texture. Choosing the color and pattern, refer to the following generally accepted guidelines. Patterned tie wear only one color shirt and vice versa. In this case, strips or cells on the shirt have to repeat the selected color tie.

Formal Dining choose ties with medium-sized pattern. Tie with a large print better suited for holidays and youth parties. By suits and shirts in dark colors Pick up tie of the same color as the jacket, but a few shades lighter. For a dark suit and light shirt dark tie around the same tone as the suit. By the classical version of the black jacket and white shirt most aptly suit dark tie with a small figure. And accordingly, if you have a light suit and dark shirt, then give preference to tie the same color as the dress. Finally, if a suit and light-colored shirt and tie should be in tone shirt.

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