How to choose a frame

How to choose a frame
 In a world of huge number of people wearing glasses. Including and women who need to look beautiful and stylish. Properly chosen frame can not only smooth out facial imperfections, but also to decorate it. Observing the rules of selection, a woman can be sure - points will give the person the charm and fascination.

Those who face has a rounded shape, it is necessary to choose a wide, even slightly angular frame. If the width of the points will be greater than their height, the person will appear more narrow.

Women with a rectangular face shape should avoid rectangular frames. The best choice would be an oval frame that resembles a cat's eye.

Triangular face with high cheekbones balances unisex frame with a width equal to the width of the lower jaw. This will help to balance the imbalances appearance.

Women with oblong faces should give preference to a rectangular frame, softening circuit. Oval face requires more angular frames or frame unusual shape - a rhombus or extended upwards.

Of great importance is the color of the frame. For example, a dark-haired woman perfect metal frames contrasting dark brown, gold, silver, dark yellow. Frame made of plastic can be black, dark red or blue.

Blonde women are pale light frames made of plastic. The color can be white, pink, peach. If you like metal frames, then they must be thin.

Shatenok good for gold, bronze and copper frames of metal. A lover of plastic will look great in tan, beige and peach rims. Owners of red or brown hair fit rims with red, brown and soft green hue.

Blue-eyed woman fit rims cool colors. This can be blue, violet and soft white plastic, gold or silver metal.

Woman with green eyes look very nice in the plastic frame metallic colors (gold, silver). Metal frames should be frosted.

Brown-eyed women should look at the dark frames. Black, dark brown, dark green, graphite - this is their color.

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