How to choose a frame

How to choose a frame
 Points - this is not only an object to remedy the shortcomings of view. They may be the perfect accessory to complement the female image. The main thing is to choose a frame that matches the type of person and makes it beautiful.
 Plastic frame should be free of irregularities or cracks. If it is decorated with rhinestones, the stones must be secured. Metal frame should be light, with no sharp corners. Check the condition of the temples and soft inserts that protect the nose from excessive pressure.

Do not choose too narrow model, your eyes will often look over his glasses. Trying frame, make sure that it matches the size of your face - no pressure on the temples. After all, have to wear glasses for many hours. The top line of the frame must pass through the brows or slightly higher or lower.

To narrow elongated oval face fit frame. If you want to visually enlarge the cheekbones, choose a frame in the form of a "butterfly" or "cat's eye". Generally, it should be wider face.

To round face better suited square frame type or with pronounced corners. Conversely, a square face with heavy cheekbones flattens oval or round frames. Chubby can also advise trapezoidal frame with raised corners of the temples.

Thin rim of light colors make a person easier, they are hardly noticeable. Wide give a person individuality make it stricter. Narrow - on the face look a little aggressive, give a daring expression. Rims with wide windows give the face a naive view.

If you wear glasses all the time, then you need to have a few frames. A more rigorous work. And one or two more elegant, less formal frames. Considered to be the most stylish frames made of metal - in gold or silver.

Frame should be combined not only with the type of person, but with the color of hair. For example, perfect for blondes rim shades of blue, gray and green tones. Brunettes suitable shades of blue and silver. For red-haired ladies recommend pale shades such as olive or beige.

Frame does not suit you, if it moves down to the nose is tilted head, if it covers most of the face, if the side of the rim acts too much for the contours of the face.

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