How to choose a frame for glasses?

How to choose a frame for glasses?
 Points - it's not just the instrument optics, whose function is to protect the eyes from exposure to the sun or to improve human vision. And they are primarily - a fashion accessory that can change the way a person simply beyond recognition. No need to blindly chase fashion, and should choose the right eyeglass frames, given the type of your face.

How can decorate their possessor fashion, properly fitted, glasses! Before you get up the choice of form, color and material of the rim. So be on the alert, because the main thing - to choose the most ideal option for themselves.

Forms of spectacle frames, there is a large array, but it must be remembered that the form must be chosen, taking into account the features of your face type. Circular rim suited rotund animals, and also to the face of the triangular shape to the views of others were sent to the upper part of the face.

To the owners of the square should look round face, because square lines like break width and roundness. Rectangular option points can narrow a round face, especially if you choose dark colors frame. Oval frames - is a great way to soften the chin fashionistas with a square face shape.

Attracts many special variant resembling "cat's eye". This vintage style glasses will come to retro fashion, but it should be careful if you do not have a perfect oval face proportions.

Frames are available in different color schemes, but they should pick up the color of the hair and the color of clothing. Blondes (warm color tones) will approach the rim titanium alloy, gold, silver. But really go platinum blonde color spectacle frames in platinum, silver and titanium.

Red-haired Light Brown and better opt for options in gold, copper or bronze. Haired brunettes and fit eyeglasses all shades of red and brown colors.

In general, the frame can be produced in any color that exist. Sometimes designers combine several colors in the frame by chameleon overflow or slow transition from one color to another.

Finally, it is worth considering that the appearance of points and their strength is largely dependent on the material from which the frame. Today, they are generally made of plastic and metal. Plastic frames are selected because of their lightness, a large range of colors and shapes.

A metal frames are durable, resistant to corrosion, look elegant and tasteful.

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