Guide to the world of perfumes

Guide to the world of perfumes
 Perfume - fine zest in female form. Modern fragrance industry produces now a huge number of various fragrances that find their own "flavor", the smell of which would be a great addition, the hallmark of its owner - a very, very difficult. To date, there are several classifications of flavors. All of them are interesting in their own way, but the most popular is the classification adopted by the French perfume Committee.

1. Citrus flavors - fresh, light, cheerful. This category of fragrances based on oils of lemon, mandarin, bergamot, orange, grapefruit. In addition to the beautiful perfume qualities that make popular citrus flavors, it may be noted another great effect - grapefruit scent makes a woman five years younger.

2. Flower - tender and romantic. This category - the most popular and favorite among all categories of perfume. The notes of which are floral perfume are all favorite rose, violet, jasmine, tuberose, lily, carnation and lily of the valley. Envelop yourself delicate floral scent before a date with her lover - and his heart will fall at your feet.

3. La fougère (Glass) - astringent, in French means "ferns". Yes, surprisingly, despite its name to this category ferns odors irrelevant. This synthetic, artificially created on the basis of coumarin aroma smells of freshly cut hay. Besides coumarin fern fragrance include his palette of lavender, wood, bergamot, geranium, oak moss.

4. chypre - exotic Cyprus. The famous François Coty during his stay in Cyprus was amazed and delighted at the wonderful smell of oak moss that impressed by this discovery produced a scent that is named for the island of Cyprus - Chypre. Until now, this fragrance category remains relevant and popular. The smell of wood moss complemented by notes of patchouli, resin, sage, bergamot and ladanika-labdanum.

5. Wood - reserved and mysterious. Sandalwood and cedar, patchouli and vetiver, myrtle, rose bush, musk and blue iris - which refined and poetic sounding names of the notes, which are included in this category.

6. amber - oriental, passionate and exciting. These scents are called "oriental". Very rich, enveloping, sweet aromas with pronounced vanilla, animal notes, spicy notes of cinnamon and spices. Excellent choice for the evening or for the cold season.

7. Leather - strong and sensual. Aromas of this category are considered to be masculine. Still, they sound dry notes of smoke, burnt wood and tobacco, leather. For women, there are also several examples of flavors - but they are only a few.

Beyond this classification known as "aldehyde" spirits - synthetically created odors, real advances in science. An example of aldehyde perfume is a legendary perfume Chanel № 5. Exquisite Marilyn Monroe preferred to "dress up" in this scent in the evening and at night.

And yet released several perfume lines of this: fruity, green, marine / ozone / ocean, and spicy flavors of the family.

Choosing a perfume, consider for what case you need them, as well as some features of the character you want to emphasize with them.

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