Gloves - warm and elegant

Gloves - warm and elegant
 Gloves, perhaps the most desired woman accessories - but how else to maintain the tenderness of the skin of hands? Wearing gloves can be not only in cold weather, but also with an evening dress, and even in summer (models with cut fingers just for fans of the style hippies).

To select the gloves need to understand the purposes for which they are needed. Winter models should perform two functions - to be a reliable protection from the cold and to ensure the comfort of its owner. External design and warm gloves can be different - from the rough shape of knitted accessories, to elegant leather gloves with fur inside. Wear gloves in the winter is not less convenient than mittens - preserved mobility of the fingers and matching winter clothes.

Synthetic gloves with durable and warm lining retains heat well, and the presence of gum around the wrist to protect hands from wind gusts. Speaking of mittens. For a long time forgotten, mittens are becoming more relevant. The advantage of mittens in endless design options, colors, patterns and ornaments. Even recalling the shape rough construction gloves, mittens made of wool can be stylish and necessary complement to the image of youth.

If you are looking accessory for an evening dress, try to choose gloves elongated shape - to the elbow or above. This length is perfect for dress with a plunging neckline. Short elegant gloves, barely covering the wrist, perfect for the more conservative outfits.

The choice of material for fancy glove is dependent on the type of dress fabric - velvet, lace, satin. Gloves for everyday wear can be made of leather or suede. Leather gloves - a classic style.

It's hard to find clothes, under which would not have approached leather gloves. A variety of styles, colors and decorations allows you to choose a pair in the set to any type of clothing. Gloves Suede less practical and quickly loses its good looks, but they look very elegant. Pleasant to the touch fabric keeps silhouettes of the wrist and hand, giving the image of the aristocracy.

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