Fur hats for women: how to become a Snow Maiden

Fur hats for women: how to become a Snow Maiden
 Winter fur hats for women is the best suited to the cold season, when the frosty wind from penetrating want to hide under something warm and nice at the same time. Fur hats have always been a prestigious and striking element of clothes, because it is quite valuable material. Consider the model of fur hats, in which any woman will turn into a real Snow White.  

Winter fur hats for women: fashion trends

Women's hats from this natural material have always been popular, but changed their length and shape. In the new season, designers recommend to give preference of long-fur hats - however, short fur and not give up its position.

Will be an excellent choice for women winter hats fox skins, mink, fox, fox or hare, decorated with satin ribbons, pearls or patterned ornaments. These hats are extremely feminine and make their owners look like a queen.

More exclusive and original version is winter fur hats of the raccoon, sable, seal, Mouton, ermine and even jaguars. In addition to its superb thermal qualities they possess luxurious appearance.

However, wearing fur hats are impossible with some down jacket or a jacket - the ideal complement to them will be the same coat of fur or coat with the same collar of the same material.

Styles of women's fur hats

Fashion fur hats are made in both the classical and in a non-standard style. For example, ultraaktualnymi in the new season will be the fur cap or hats with pom-poms on the intricate lace. Designers decorate a variety of winter hats with flower arrangements, made of leather or fur, as well as abstract and stylish applications.

In addition, women's fur hats with earflaps often combined with artificial fabric or leather. These products are ideally suited to lovers of urban style, winter sports and country picnics.

Colors of winter fur hats in the new season is almost unlimited - cherry, burgundy, purple and shades of sand today can be seen in the most advanced of their "wearer".

And finally, the ladies will appreciate the bold design solution - a fur hat, fur cap. This headdress woman become more confident and willy-nilly will have to keep a proud posture, as has long been a hat men's hats.

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