Designer glasses

Designer glasses
 Buying an expensive thing, most of us want is for this thing could be judged on its price. The membership of the frame to one of the fashion houses have the ability to "read" the image on the temporal part of the ear hook. Usually expensive models present logos of famous brands.

JAGUAR - business card wellbeing, an attribute of a beautiful life, a symbol of a person who values ​​his own style of this luxury. JAGUAR - large frames for respectable people. Due to its excellent design and optical properties, these models have gained popularity all over the world.

Davidoff - frames that are equally valued in both politics and business. Following the latest fashion trends, the company annually presents new collections - they differ in shape, color and material from which made, but with surprising elegance meet the spirit of the times.

S.T. Dupont - refined models of classic design. Richly decorated frame coated with 23-carat gold gives its owner a special charm, combined with relaxed confidence and a certain social status. The quality offered by the company, of course, not without reason, this trading house has long been a supplier of the royal court. Today, buyers of models from the world of ST Dupont - this respectable lady, actively enjoying the benefits of his position, and fashionable girl whose style - refined grace.

Daniel Swarovski - the best gift for lovers of jewelry. The combination of colored rock crystal and white gold is amazing. Socket enables infinite admiration harmonious relation lines, the play of light and aesthetic perfection of design. Models from the Daniel Swarovski amazingly decorated face, while emphasizing its originality and giving a luxurious look.

Chopard is a leader in the world of elite luxury. Most wealthy people prefer it to the brand. Wear rim trading house Chopard - it means to have a pass to the high life, to be recognized and to be known as the owner of it excellent taste.

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