Beach umbrellas: how to choose the right

Beach umbrellas: how to choose the right
 Sunbathing in direct sunlight will be decided today not everyone knew about the dangers of excessive ultraviolet radiation on the skin. Therefore, going to the beach, do not forget to bring a beach umbrella. And if you still have not got it and do not know exactly what you need for a good rest, then we go to you, will choose parasol together!  

Parasol should primarily serve as a reliable shelter from the sun or from rain and wind, by any chance happen to such trouble. Umbrellas are common, but there are also additional features such as a mosquito net or plastic stand-table, as highchairs. Can provoke and buy a large umbrella, similar to those that stand in the street cafes. But preferably still easier option, which you can then fold and carry in their hands.

When choosing a good parasol focused look on his frame, because it is still his base. High-quality frame is sure to be strong, as parasol is stressed, but also the pressure of the wind. Do not take the cheap umbrellas, which are held on the aluminum tubes: at the first gust of wind from the purchase will be nothing left. But umbrellas with steel or fiberglass frame are more expensive, but they are useful and not for a year or two, but in quite a long time.

The second important detail - a dome of a parasol. Usually it is made of cotton or satin, impregnated with water-repellent composition. True, there are umbrellas with synthetic polyester domes, and it is better to choose such because they are characterized by high strength and water resistance. But minus those umbrellas that through the dome of synthetic air does not pass, so if you go to the beach on a hot day, prefer umbrella with a "roof" made of natural fabrics.

In addition to all other benefits, it should be possible to change the position of a parasol. This can be done using the knob on the shaft, through which you can rotate the umbrella and even tilted. Remember that umbrella is better to put the dome to the wind, because otherwise it can carry. Small umbrella easily inserted into the sand, but the large beach umbrellas are placed on a special stand, which is usually heavier water.

And, of course, do not forget the umbrella cover, which will help save the presentation useful acquisition and all its functions in the long term.

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