Art to wear bracelets

Art to wear bracelets
Bracelets - this ancient jewelry wrist that never goes out of fashion. Models made of precious metals and stones are an indication of the status and bracelets by skilled jewelers - a unique gift. Today is a very urgent and jewelry on the hands, especially among young people and supporters etnostiley. Every fan must master the art of jewelry to wear bracelets that they should not enter into dissonance with individual way.

Fashion recently quite democratic and eclectic, ie will allow mixing different styles in the original combinations. This also applies to bracelets. Not so long ago etiquette prescribed worn on the left wrist watch, and on the right - one, rarely two ornaments. Today, fashion trends allow pamper yourself bracelets without clear rules.

Increasingly, you can see the bracelets on two wrists, and both women and men. Ladies' choice of bracelets is very diverse. According to sellers of jewelry stores, the stronger sex prefer mostly wide men's bracelets of gold and silver.

Before choosing a bracelet you need to know what you're going to wear it. It is important to pick up his hands in shape. A variety of configurations bracelets fit delicate wrists only a small or medium-sized. Thin model-strings will look at them very elegant and massive bracelets underline the fragility of the aristocratic hands.

If you do not believe in the beauty of their hands, choose the form of a bracelet more cautiously. Decoration impressive size do too thin arms even thinner, so in this case more suitable narrow bracelets. Wide wrist require large bracelets - they distract attention from the big limb.

Good bracelets should always be in harmony with the style of your clothes. If you go to the usual walk in a light summer dress, expensive diamond bracelet on your arm will look very out of place. It is better to decorate yourself beautiful jewelry made of plastic, wood or leather. On the same evening dress will look great expensive model.

European style evening allows the combination of bracelets with each other on materials and decorative features. Dress in oriental style and "Arab" makeup (with painted black arrows almond-shaped eyes) allows to pamper yourself more daring combinations of original bracelets. Just do not overdo it with the decor or your natural beauty "interrupt" gaudy costumes and decorations.

For a business meeting usually choose gold and platinum status bracelets, discreet design. If you have a wrist watch encrusted with precious stones, additional decorations on the wrists superfluous. Jewelry is beautiful and the quality (of ivory, wood and stone), a well as everyday jewelry. It is also great for dresses and accessories, made in the national (ethnic) style.

Art to wear bracelets implies that any decoration should be a measure of refined taste of its owner. Properly selected bracelet adorn you, make extra emphasis to the individual image and accentuate your beauty.

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