A dozen stylish tie for the man she loved

A dozen stylish tie for the man she loved
 For every man appearance plays a very important role. From the exterior depends promotion through the ranks, and hence the financial situation. In addition to the need to wear a formal suit tie - the necessary accessory male wardrobe.

The costume can be one, but ties must be a dozen. Memorize this truth, if you want your favorite man looked at 100. To date, there are several types of ties.

Bow tie - a kind of tie that has a node in the form of a butterfly. This accessory is designed for very special occasions. Black butterflies to put a tuxedo and white dress, in addition to Thrace. Butterflies are sold in the form of already formed, which greatly facilitates their use.

Bow bow. In form, a bit like a bow tie, bow only smaller in size, narrow and flat. He also put on special occasions.

Tie-regattas - a tie with the generated node. On the neck fasten it with a rubber tape with buckle.

Necktie "Windsor". This type of tie is sewn of black silk. Bar itself is very broad. Tie a knot in his tie free form of a triangle, the so-called Windsor.

Tie "Ascot" - a scarf that can be worn as a collar on top and underneath. The wide end of the handkerchief, which are crossed on his chest, attach a safety pin with pearl head.

Tie-Sharpei or "Ruche". This is a very elegant tie bar having a plurality of folds.

Tie "Valliere." This tie looks like a wide white cravat. For sale is a already tied, clear small knot. Wide short ends of the tie is very beautiful drape.

Remember that ties should not sit perfectly on a mannequin, and your favorite man. Therefore, when choosing a tie, consider the complexion. Since all models and colors suit tall and slender men as well as men with average height and average build. Very tall and thin man select ties that visually make fuller physique, ie broad horizontal stripes with a large pattern. Do not choose a tie with vertical stripes.

A tall man with a tummy pick vest to hide completeness. Top vest, dress colorful tie or tie with vertical stripes. For slender, short man, use plain ties, with a small figure.

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