What are the sunroom

What are the sunroom
 Solarium allows you to get a beautiful skin tone at any time of year, so their popularity does not depend on the season. There are several types of tanning beds, each of which has its advantages.

Benefits and harms of sun produced in vitro solarium, have been discussed for a long time. However, the desire to look good entails a huge amount of beauty lovers of chocolate skin tone perfectly aware of what are the solarium.

Solariums are special machines designed for generating radiation simulating solar and contribute to the development of melanin. Solariums are divided according to the degree of radiation power, a position that takes them to the body, and the presence or absence of cooling systems.

More traditional and familiar option - it sunbeds, capsule, equipped with lamps that light up in the supine position. Length them a little longer than in vertical solarium. Such a method of tanning is not suitable for people with mental health problems or suffering from claustrophobia - fear of enclosed space) as well as the feeling of being in a small capsule, even for just 15 minutes, it is not comfortable.

In this respect, vertical solarium, similar to a small booth, more convenient. It is preserved freedom of movement and turns tan more uniform. An additional advantage of the vertical solarium in his hygiene. Contact with skin cabin walls there is minimal.

Most modern varieties of machines called Sun turbo solariums. This mechanism is equipped with a cooling system. Be in them more pleasant, as air conditioning maintains optimal body temperature. In addition to air conditioning, such solarium can be equipped with a stereo, installation, allowing you to enjoy aromatherapy, and other amenities. Power turbo solarium high, so tanning session lasts from 6 to 10 minutes.

But, in fact, all these differences relate only to the degree of comfort of your stay, and the result of the sessions one and the same.

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