Small breasts - not a problem, and a big bonus

Small breasts - not a problem, and a big bonus
 Many women around the world suffer from a small chest. In an effort to change the situation, they go under the knife. But before you make such a risky move, you should consider, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons". Maybe a small chest - this is happiness, rather than punishment?

Looking at busty beauties of glossy magazines, they unwittingly begin to envy. So many men look at them and slavishly admired. Yes, with its 75A is difficult to compete with such women. But if you can not change the situation, you should change the attitude towards it. After all, have small breasts - it is rather a bonus, but not a problem. A small chest a lot of advantages.

Firstly, with small breasts can be practiced absolutely any sport, from rowing to steeplechase over long distances. It will not bother you and sway when performing sports exercises. In addition, it does not hurt to spin and does not spoil posture.

Second, you can safely sleep on my stomach, and it will not bring you any inconvenience.

Third, small breasts is not subject to sagging. After giving birth to her will be the minimum amount of stretch, and it will not look like a spaniel ears. This chest is sensitive and elastic. With it, you can give birth more than once, because it comes quickly enough in shape.

Fourth, you can easily pick up a beautiful lingerie that can not be said about the owner of magnificent forms. Lingerie for imposing bust looks shabby and more like shopping bags for melons.

Fifth, summer skin under the breast begins to rotting and is not shown, the so-called sudamen. In addition, you can freely wear shirts without a bra - small chest holds its shape and does not stand out through the fabric.

Sixth, if you are still not very happy with the size of your small bust, you can always resort to a little trick: bra with double foam or silicone pads. You are able to adjust the value of his chest, which is impossible to do with curvaceous women. Well, this is an extreme case, because the man undressed you will be unpleasantly surprised at the sight of pacifiers. Still, do not try to deceive themselves and others.

So, there is the fact that small breasts are much more convenient and practical than most. Remember the words of Tolstoy: "Chest - is something that fits in your palm."

The main thing is that the breast was neat, well-groomed and without stretch marks. Do not forget about its natural beauty. You need to love yourself this.

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