Perfect body in 4 weeks

Perfect body in 4 weeks
 We all want to look perfect, but who says the opposite, he simply disingenuous. But sometimes it happens that part of the holiday, illness or just too lazy to lead to the fact that we are moving away from their own ideal. And then it would be desirable that the former form, beauty and well-being returned quickly. Of course, there are no miracles. To be effective, it is necessary to work more than one day. But to get the perfect body for four weeks is possible.

To avoid confusion, let's just define that means "perfect body." This body, which operates stably inside and looks attractive from the outside. Hence the work on the body will go in these two directions. Nobody knows your body and its needs better than you do, so universal methods suitable to all, without exception, simply does not exist. Can be only general recommendations.

Start your way to the perfect body to cleanse the body. Any processes are easier when the body rid itself of accumulated harmful substances. Normalize bowel function, perform the cleaning procedure for the liver. If you are going to not only strengthen your muscles, but also to lose weight, the more clear your body of all the excess. Drink plenty of water (1, 5 liters per day, at least), the active work of the kidneys also contribute to the elimination of toxins from the body.

Avoid sleep deprivation and fatigue. Sleep is necessary recommended eight hours to the body "understood" that he had nothing to fear. Otherwise, it will use its "hidden reserves", which are not unlimited, and exhaustion which leads to stress, illness, and general well-being disgusting. If you decide to go on a diet, remember that unreasonable restrictions in food and voluntary fasting can give a completely opposite effect, as the body, feeling the lack of food, start doing "reserves for a rainy day" as a completely unattractive fat. Use only diet that you check for yourself and convinced of their effectiveness.

Physical activity during the four weeks should be the most important, regular, and ideally - daily. The intensity of training you have to define themselves according to their needs and characteristics of health. It is better to take a workout 40-60 minutes a day. Worked out with all the necessary muscle groups (arms, thighs, press, buttocks). Pay special attention to the muscles that are involved in the daily life of the least. During workouts do not forget about stretching, it not only makes the body more flexible, but also improves blood circulation.

If you do not know where to start, check out some video tutorials on the network and select the right training program. If for whatever reason you can not do yourself, trust your body to work on the machine. Myostimulation (effects of pulsed currents) is fully capable to restore muscle tone and correct shape.

Working on the body from the inside, do not forget about visual appeal. Training and cleansing of the body will make the skin more elastic and clean, and you will just have to bring it to perfection. Use scrubs and hydrating mask, treat yourself to salon procedures, or start every weekend special "days of beauty", without neglecting the daily beauty-ritual. Often admire them and congratulate yourself for the results already achieved. If you love your body, it will answer you the same.

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