Makes an ideal waist to fly!

Makes an ideal waist to fly!
 In winter, people can be a little better because the body makes small stocks to cold weather was comfortable. Localized fat deposits on the abdomen and flanks that incredibly upsetting beautiful half of humanity. Make a perfect waist to fly can, if it wanted to.  
 The first thing you need to start - limit the number of calories consumed. Stop eating at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. Eliminate from your diet fatty food, fast food, smoked sausages and other delicacies. These products are slow metabolism, poison the body and cause fluid accumulation, so their use should not even dream of losing weight.

Eat as little as possible of bakery products, sweets, because they are rich in complex carbohydrates, the excess of which is visible immediately in the form of fat in the waist and sides. You can eat dark chocolate, dried fruit and some nuts.

If you have free time, join a gym, and consult with the trainer about a special program that best suit you. When training on simulators visible results appear after a couple of weeks. Do not expect a miracle after the first workout.

Swing the press at home, if you do not want to make additional costs. Raise the legs 10 times, zaprokinte hands behind his head. Gradually increase the number of understandings to a hundred times for the appointment. To loosen tight muscles, made a similar exercise, but this time lift the torso.

Lie on your side and start to lift his leg as high as possible. Suffice it to 20-30 times for the appointment. Then again, turned over to the second side. Exercise always follow every day for several months to achieve the best result.

Begin to engage in the formation of the waist for a few months until spring to shine on the beach in perfect shape. Muscular system is not formed at once - do not despair and do not quit playing sports. By the way, during water treatment burns a lot of calories, so swim as long as possible!

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