If tanning lay unevenly

If tanning lay unevenly
 Dreaming of a perfectly smooth and dark skin tone, you use the facilities for tanning and the results are disappointing - spots, stains, uneven stripes. Get rid of uneven coating, using soap and water, you will not succeed.
 Corrects errors have fast as walking with spotted or striped skin is very unpleasant. Take a warm bath - well rasparte skin, soak in water for half an hour, then rub the body with a sponge or washcloth tight, use a scrub. If the facility was not very high quality, you can return your natural shade.

Use lightening formulations - the safest and most effective is considered the lemon juice. Squeeze one lemon and mix the juice with water in half and gently wipe the skin with a cotton pad. If you are allergic to lemons, try to dilute or apple vinegar with water, and add a drop of a solution of hydrogen peroxide. For dry skin, the composition can be supplemented with vegetable or mineral oil.

Face, arms and hands can be clarified with hydrogen peroxide - wipe all unevenly colored places several times. You may have to repeat the procedure several times, as long as the cotton pad is clean.

Well remove tanning formulations containing alcohol, such as lotions for the care of problem skin. Alcohol is very dry skin, so be sure to treat it with a nourishing cream, oil-based after the procedure.

Recommended to treat the delicate skin of milk or liquid makeup remover - repeat the procedure several times during the breaks do not use moisturizer. Then go into the shower and rub the problem areas washcloth - you will be able to slightly lighten the skin without irritation.

If turned tan spotted only in some places, they can be treated with ammonia - soak a piece of cotton in the composition and wipe uneven areas. Coffee peeling with lemon juice will help get rid of the stripes on the body - take ground coffee beans, add the lemon juice (tablespoon) and a drop of shower gel. Instead of coffee, you can use the large salt - it gently and delicately remove the paint, and the skin remains smooth.

Ready means to lighten pigment spots will help you get rid of unsuccessful tanning - clay masks, lotions against blackheads, whitening cream with plant extracts and tonics.

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