How to be beautiful pregnant

How to be beautiful pregnant
 During pregnancy, there are various changes not only in the body, but also feature women. Increased chest appear extra pounds, stretch marks, swollen feet. Not every woman the strength to accept his new, so rapidly changing face. Mood pregnant can clouded because of dissatisfaction caused by their appearance.
 Waiting for the baby into the world, do not forget about how you look. To stay beautiful during pregnancy, you must take care of herself. The skin condition may change due to hormonal changes. It is necessary to pay special attention to cleansing and moisturizing and skin. Discard the fat creams, clog pores, exfoliating scrubs and hard means that injure the skin. Do hydrating mask. Use hypoallergenic cosmetics that do not contain alcohol.

In order to prevent stretch marks is necessary to care for the skin of the body. Take a contrast shower, do self-massage with the use of cosmetic products for stretch marks or olive oil.

In an effort to look good, do not overload the face makeup. Expectant mother suit discreet makeup that accentuate the natural beauty. Focus on one thing. Emphasize depth look using mascara or create a slight blush.

Take care of your wardrobe. The main criterion for the selection of clothing during pregnancy is convenience. Things do not have to pull the stomach and snare. If you already noticeably rounded tummy, do not wear those things that you bought before pregnancy or buy clothes several sizes larger. It looks very unattractive. There are many specialty shops where you competently help you choose a new wardrobe. In these clothes you will feel confident and beautiful.

In order to be in shape and good spirits, join a fitness club. Now there are plenty of sports programs for pregnant women. Yoga, pilates, fitball, water aerobics. Sport activities energize you, get rid of negative emotions, will help to strengthen the back muscles, learn to control your breathing. Doctors say that women who during pregnancy lead an active lifestyle, less likely to suffer from insomnia, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, constipation.

Expectant mother is incredibly feminine, she seemed to glow from within. Eyes radiate kindness, not coming from the lips soft and slightly mysterious smile. Make a professional photo shoot to capture one of the finest periods in their lives. Later, looking at these pictures, you can admire its beauty and gladly remember a wonderful time waiting baby.

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