Hand Care: gymnastics, exercises for fingers and hands

Hand Care: gymnastics, exercises for fingers and hands
 If you prefer to get your hands look beautiful and are flexible, you need to train them. There are many different exercises and exercises designed for the hands and fingers, to relieve fatigue, anti-aging treatments, muscle strengthening exercises for agility and flexibility of hands. Perform such exercises can be sitting or standing, as desired. At the same time, regularly doing some exercises for the hands, you will not only be able to remove their fatigue, but also to prevent their deformation.

After a long printing, writings or wearing different weights, with the hands is necessary to relieve fatigue and strain. To do gymnastics hand:

- Squeeze together all the fingers on one hand. The other hand to gently bend the first all clenched fingers, in the last instance in the direction away from you bend the thumb.

- Squeeze all the fingers into a fist, and then it slowly unclench. In this case, try to separate your fingers away from each other. Then relax your hands and then squeeze them into a fist. Repeat this exercise 5-6 times.

- Each finger gently shake alone, relax, and then turn the palms rotate clockwise and back.

Exercises to relieve fatigue in the hands of:

- Fold both hands together and then spread the fingers in pairs at a time.

- Interlock straightened fingers of two hands, so that they are directed upwards and downwards of the wrist. After that vigorously fingers bends down to the wrist arched up.

- Squeeze sharply hands into fists and immediately straighten them sharply.

- Alternately press the thumb rest of the fingers of the same hand.

- Elbows put on the table. Free palm lower and soft, slow movements of the wrists in circles.

Exercises for the fingers:

- Set aside the thumb from the palm of your hand as far as possible - turn it back so that it can combine with the index finger. Then move the thumb further along on hands and touch the little finger.

Flexibility exercises:

- Put your hands flat, before him. In turn, starting with the little finger and extending the fingers, and then in the opposite direction.

- The index finger of one hand at a time, pull the fingers of the other hand. After that change hands. At the end of this exercise, two hook the little finger and pull them in different directions.

- Connect both hands and bend your fingers out as far as possible, then cross them and squeeze, then relax. Repeat this exercise several times.

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