Molokochaynaya unloading

 Several variants of this discharge.

Under the heading Diet: Diet Honey

Boil 1, 5l hot milk 1-1, 5 tablespoons of green tea, strain. During the day molokochayny drink beverage and 2 liters of water. All molokochay should drink up to 18-00. Milk fat beverage take from 1, 5 to 2, 5%. With less fat hard to bear, as the discharge will be similar to the hunger strike, more fat milk will reduce the effectiveness and worse effect on the liver.


1l of milk (cold, skim) and 1L and green tea drink mix during the day. This option is recommended.

Weight loss may be about 1kg (200g - 1, 5 kg, depending on the characteristics of the organism and the amount of excess weight).

Molokochay should be 1 time per week. Most often it is not necessary, as the body gets used and is no longer perceive it as unloading.

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