Women's jackets - Spring 2010 (PHOTOS)

 This spring, Leading Fashion House offers us very feminine polupritalennye jackets, windbreakers spacious sports style jacket with short silhouette and always topical denim jackets. Material, preferably smooth, with no clearly-marked texture. Thus, women's fashion jackets - Spring 2010:  

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Elegant jackets polupritalennye

Hit of the season: a jacket, coat and jacket, leather jacket or a light shiny material, such as silk. Looks feminine and stylish. The main parts of decoration fashionable jackets of this kind are four pockets, which looks especially good in the presence of the belt and cropped sleeves. Particular attention should be paid to bloom! Such jackets should be saturated colors - purple, red, yellow, royal blue and even orange. Do not be afraid to experiment, it is time to bring some color to our lives, to refresh the image, to attract attention. We've been waiting for spring that must experience for yourself the spring - summer flavor.

Women's jackets - Spring 2010 (PHOTOS)Women's jackets - Spring 2010 (PHOTOS)

Denim jacket

As for denim jackets in the spring-summer season designers have expressed a preference for classical models, well established in the market. They walked a little modernization of traditional forms. The color is closer to the classic denim, as well as whitened. Motto - "Simplicity and convenience."

Women's jackets - Spring 2010 (PHOTOS)Women's jackets - Spring 2010 (PHOTOS)

Jacket with short silhouette

Relevant now and jackets with short silhouette. Effectively looks at them with a combination of cropped sleeves. Such models jackets are something in between the classic jacket and bolero. Preferred colors jackets: all you like! :-) The choice of material for these jackets are also quite wide: a variety of modern synthetic materials soft, supple leather (required with glitter).

Women's jackets - Spring 2010 (PHOTOS)Women's jackets - Spring 2010 (PHOTOS)


If you close a sporty style, JustLady.ru recommends long jackets (from mid-thigh, and almost to the level of the knee). Sports style continues to be one of the fundamental trends spring-summer season. Lightweight, waterproof, suitable for jeans and a suit, and a fashionable skirt. The colors may be different - from calm shades in safari style to shine rainbow choice depends on your taste and mood.

Women's jackets - Spring 2010 (PHOTOS)Women's jackets - Spring 2010 (PHOTOS)

White and black

Many are already tired of the white and black in street clothes and fashion in 2010, as a breath of refreshing water in the desert, gave us a real feast of color. Many are very excited about this innovation. But there are those who are unacceptable rich, bright colors, and they prefer the classic colors, including black and white. These colors are, of course, were also presented at the fashion shows this spring. The main thing is not to overdo them. Black and white model should be as fine.

Summing up:
Women's jackets spring 2010 bright, feminine and comfortable. Beauty and comfort - the best combination!

And now a few tips from JustLady.ru about how to choose a practical jacket:

1. First and most importantly - the material of which is sewn windbreaker. It should correspond to its name, and therefore does not pass wind. Also, its function must be protected against rain. Normal nylon, unfortunately, gets wet. Part of the drop rolls off the surface of the material, but the clothes still ends up wet. Therefore, better to give preference to an improved version of nylon - NylonRipstop and NylonOttoman. This material has a repelling properties, while the air passes.

2. High-quality windbreaker should have lining. It is better if it is knitted fabric made of 100% cotton or special mesh, which provides good ventilation.

3. If the jacket has no lining on the inside it should not be any raw seam (at any proprietary stuff all seams sealed overlock).

Elena Matsuk
Women's magazine JustLady

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