Using pictures in interior design

Using pictures in interior design
 Successfully made repairs in the apartment, carefully chosen furniture, curtains, carpets and chandeliers, but the room is still something missing ... There is a feeling that the walls are bare. Correct the situation tasteful works of art, reproductions, photographs or collages. All of them are able to radically change the perception of the room.
 Improve the design of any room will help the picture. Only need to remember one clear rule: the style and direction of the chosen work of art must conform to the peculiarities of the interior.


There will look perfectly still life painting of a meal. Appropriate will landscape suitable subjects. For example, a garden with ripe cherries or apples. The picture should not be large. If you're still hung up a piece of art in the kitchen, the next place that something else is not worth it.

Dining Room

Floral motifs, landscapes virtually any subject (space and water will be out of place), embroidered panels - all this will be an excellent look in the dining room. Well, if the picture is done in bright colors without bright colors and rough forms.


Selection of paintings for a child's room - not an easy task. Very few artists specializing in children's theme. Need to choose a picture with the age of the child. Kids will enjoy fabulous and cartoon heroes, princesses and other plain image. However, buying a painting in the children's room is not necessary. You can do the standard colorful posters, calendars with bright pictures. Older children usually have some hobbies. Consequently, the pattern should be chosen according to the wishes of the child.


This is the place where you relax. Preference should be given a picture with natural plot: it can be mountain or water scenery, alpine meadows, forests, flowers or something relaxing. In short, in the bedroom more appropriate to just hang landscape.

Living Room

Here you invite guests here watching TV and relaxing before bedtime. So in the living room can be hung large paintings on practically all subjects: landscapes, portraits, still life, painting, creation avant-garde artists, etc. Remember that from too bright paintings are tired eyes, so try to choose a work of art made in a pleasant eye colors (yellow, brown, green, white, sand, blue).


And even here it is possible to hang a picture. It should be small, without a specific scene. These can be drawings, paintings, executed in pencil and others.

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