Trendy kitchen: the principle of open space

Trendy kitchen: the principle of open space
 There is increasing apartments, furnished according to the principle of open space. In a large room, almost devoid of barriers, quietly get on living, dining and kitchen area itself. In this kitchen furniture is transformed both externally and in their functions.

First of all, the kitchen cabinets are deprived of the usual solid doors. They are replaced by open racks, shelves, grills attached to the wall with brackets. Thus, instead of the usual bulky cabinets, the kitchen light appear weightless designs that can actually withstand considerable weight. Neon lights on the narrow ribbon glued bottom shelves surround the soft glow that will create the illusion that the shelves are floating in the air. Some cases still need to equip the doors with frosted translucent glass. Indoor unit is better placed on the lower tier of the kitchen.

Large open spaces provide more opportunities to build the furniture. Traditional option when all the cabinets are built along one wall unlikely, less and less used by modern designers. An alternative solution could be to the island, which is located in the center of the kitchen, and it becomes the "heart". Multiple levels allow to place on the island adjacent planes and the hob and the work surface and dining table. The base of the island can be used as an unusually capacious storage system where you can put shelves of different configurations, from the section for cutlery, to narrow drawers for bottles of wine and oil. For the dining area should be selected high bar stools.

The principle of open space in the kitchen means that the dishes and utensils before had been kept in deep cabinets remain in sight. Therefore, you must take care not only about the beauty of one of the "holiday" of the service, but also pots, bottles, containers of cereals and spices. Everything has to be designed in the same style and same color. The modern kitchen relevant chrome, glass, smooth painted surfaces. These materials have good reflective properties that must be considered when planning a kitchen lighting. The disadvantages of the kitchen, planned according to the rules of open space, you can take it demands. Any dirt, clutter on the shelves become noticeable and destroy the overall impression. The hostess kitchen requires constant efforts to maintain a stylish kitchen space.

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