The house should have its own "face"

The house should have its own "face"
 In the regeneration of the apartment or house you can spend a lot of money for renovation, buy expensive furniture, but for some reason it is not always a guarantee of the comfort and warmth of home. In pursuit of fashionable interior design, you can miss the point - individuality, peculiarity of your home.
 You, of course, noticed that in different apartments reigns completely different atmosphere. And this is not always dependent on the amount of money invested in the improvement of the home. Just in one place is warm, cozy, does not want to leave, and the other - "cold" uncomfortable. Of course, these things are largely dependent on the owners themselves - from their relationship with each other, their way of life. Home can tell a lot about its owner, open it from an unexpected quarter. However, not everything depends on internal causes, there are also a number of a number of mandatory conditions to create the look of comfort and convenience.


 Firstly, cozy house - it is always clean house. But some housewives go to extremes and spend a lot of effort to bring sterile cleanliness. Probably at least once in a house had to happen to everyone. Do not know where to sit, where to stand, and whether it is possible to breathe. There is a feeling that the home owner has enslaved. In such a sterile environment households often feel uncomfortable - they know that for accidentally spilled tea or stained carpet they will have to listen to it convicting mistress. Of course, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness, but you can not build it into a cult. Keep the kitchen, bathroom and toilet - in those places where the mud is especially unpleasant. In the bedroom, living room, nursery admissible easy negligence in the interior, but, of course, not dirt.


 A lot depends on how spacious your home. It happens that in the room so much furniture that from the desk to the bed is a narrow passage, and everything else scored wardrobes, chairs, boxes, shelves. Many housewives hard to part with old things, accumulating over the years in his home useless junk. Nobody calls throw cherished memorabilia favors or family heirlooms. But examine more closely the contents of their closets and you will surely find a lot of things that are not used for years. Throw out the old worn-out clothes (you do not go there for a picnic in the forest), broken things and furniture (if you have not repaired during the last 10 years, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon), and you have the extra space available. Discarding soon become your hobby, because it's very nice to know that after such simple actions your home becomes more spacious, bright and comfortable.


 From time to time, do a permutation. This is useful if only to remove accumulated dust from all angles and corners. After successful permutations you will feel that you are completely changed interior of the room, and it will raise your spirits and inspire further transformation.


 One of the most simple but effective ways to create a cosiness in the house or apartment - is added to the interior textiles. This is all kinds of carpets, blankets, bedspreads, decorative pillows, curtains, drapes. Such parts significantly change the face of home. Sew the new cover for old overexposed couch, lay on the floor a cozy rug or several rugs, change the curtains - and that your room does not know.


 The house should be a lot of light. Each room should be a few light sources, for example, the main chandelier, table lamp in the workplace, floor lamp bedside lamp in baby cribs, halogen lamps, illuminating shelves with books. Subdued light fixtures creates a special atmosphere of peace and comfort, in addition, the light sources in different places visually divide the room into zones.

Little Things

 One of the trends in the modern interior design - minimalist. In many magazines you can see photos of rooms and apartments - plenty of space, reserved tones, clean lines, only functional pieces of furniture. This interior is reminiscent of a good hotel room, and not a house in which people live with their interests, hobbies and features. The house should have its own face. So, a person at home - this is largely so expensive for you little things, like family photos, favorite souvenirs, gifts friends, children's crafts and drawings. Do not keep these things in boxes in the attic, because they need to be reminded of some important events for you. They talk about your hobbies. Of course, this too should be moderate - it is not necessary to fill such trifles every free inch. Select the most expensive for you and put in a prominent place. A good solution would be specifically allocated for such stuff rack. 


 If you're able to do something with your hands, be sure to create some thing for the house. Tie the cloth or blanket, sew or knit covers decorative pillows, update an old dresser using decoupage technique. Be creative - and let your home be your little personal museum.

Still, the most important thing, of course, the weather "in the house." Work hard on their family relationships, and then your house will certainly be the center of priyatzheniya and source of warmth and comfort for all your domachadtsev.

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