Terms of creating comfort

Terms of creating comfort
 Any owner of a beautiful dream, and most importantly, comfortable home. Correctly of traps furniture not only functionally justified, but will be aesthetically pleasing to all members of the household. In a comfortable home want to come back again and again. There are a few simple rules to create a cozy interior.

Rule № 1. Before furnish a room, draw its plan and to make it clearer make requisition. Of cardboard or colored paper-cut patterns of furniture, you are going to deliver. Rotate them this way and that. Try different ways of situation. To maximize space, the furniture is better to place around the perimeter.

Rule № 2. If the room is large, divide it into zones: recreation, work and so on. Fenced off them with furniture, screens, curtains or visually using a contrasting color combinations.

Pref № 3. Choose Color solution according to the wishes of all who use the bathroom. Select two original colors in harmony with each other. Use different textures in this color scheme. Wall coverings, upholstery, textiles. Do not be afraid to mix different patterns, such as stripes, cage and floral patterns.

Rule № 4. By the choice of upholstered furniture come from a practical point of view. If the sofa is designed for the whole family, it should be great. If you or your loved ones love to lie on it, choose a model with a longer and rollers. Put next to a chair, if someone from the household likes to sit and watch TV or read a book. Check whether the furniture is comfortable even in the store. Do not be shy. Sit on the couch and chair as you like to stay at home.

Rule № 5. Decorate your house. Flowers, paintings, all kinds of gadgets will make the space comfortable, and things made with your own hands - the original. However, please note that it is not necessary to use a large number of decorative elements. They are created to emphasize the dignity of the interior, but not "overshadow" it.

Rule № 6. Take care of the "play of light" in the room. The space should be bright enough lit, but it should be a few light sources to at will could muffle it, to create an intimate atmosphere. This will help you a variety of lighting fixtures: chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps and table lamps.

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