Secrets of a cozy living room

Secrets of a cozy living room
 Make a living room beautiful, elegant, stand it in a certain style, or you can make it eclectic and without the help of a professional designer. One has only to make a little effort to unleash your imagination and soon the comfort of your living room will be the envy of all your friends and family. You just need to take into account several key factors that affect the overall impression of the living room.
 Create the room a color scheme that will not be tiring for a long stay in it, will allow you to easily combine together the various elements of the interior. For example, the dim light shades and warm colors visually enlarge the room, make it brighter.

Against this background, especially notable are the bright eye-catching details, such as the original floor vase or forged coffee table, a picture of juicy colors. The main thing do not overdo it with such objects. There should be little, but they have to attract attention due to its unusual, style and elegance.

The usual set of living room furniture is a sofa and a couple of chairs. They do not necessarily have to be absolutely identical. For example, try to find furniture, upholstery which has a similar color palette, but not identical in the pattern or texture fabric. This kit will give a modicum of creativity appearance of your living room.

Instead of the traditional walls can take an unusual "hill" or create a set of different furniture modules combined similar items. For example, the overall color of wood or furniture.

Your wall or floor lamps do not necessarily have to copy the chandelier. This tradition is in the past. Today, additional fixtures played quite an independent role, they pick up in conjunction with furniture or curtains.

Textiles room certainly should be combined overall style, designed in one color or ornamental decision. But let the color of your curtains will be a little brighter, richer than shade curtains or pillows. Then a window will add expressiveness to your living room.

Original shape mirror will be the "highlight" your living room. On podzerkalnike place candlesticks or bouquets of flowers - and the room will be especially expressive and additional volume.

Scattered throughout the small furniture podushki- "pillows". They may be in the form of an oval, a circle or heart. Their color should be in harmony with the rest of the coloring of textiles in the room.

Flowers, especially in the beautiful ceramic pots placed around the room or on the table always liven up your living room, to make it truly vibrant and warm.

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